I got into juicing by accident really. I had heard about it 14 years ago when a late good friend of mine Joe (r.i.p) tried to get me to drink spinach juice, “no thanks pal”. Back then the juicers were like something from space and were really hard to use unlike now…then one day I picked up a juicer and read the book that came with it called Ultimate Fast Food by Jason Vale.

I was hooked straight away, Jason’s style of writing had me laughing and thinking (with disgust) about the food I ate. Anyway I gave it a try and wow did I feel and see a difference just as Jason said I would. After a while the juicer went into the cupboard (it was a bit of a pain sometimes having to chop and sqeeze things into a small hole to juice it) and the fast food started again because of the fast life I lead.

Anyway to cut long story short I ended up in the hospital in 2007 and was in intensive care for 2 days after the good docs had to open me up and check my heart.  So when I went onto a normal ward I was very hungry! The first thing they gave me was chips and fried turkey escalope…now i’m not complaining, they had saved my life and I was (and still am) eternally grateful, but chips?

Take into account I had 33 metal staples going from my chest plate right down to my pelvic region, and a wound leading to my heart that had to heal from the inside outwards.. So, the chips went into my mouth and didn’t want to go past the first staple hmm? ..time for action! I got my mother to go into my apartment, dig out the old juicer and throw anything in, I needed liquid nourishment and fast!  I drank at least 2 litres a day and it was a mix of all sorts mainly spinach, dark greens etc.

The doctors said I would be healing for about 2 weeks depending on infection – my deliveries kept coming and so did a group of doctors and trainee nurses who, gathering round me said how well I was healing.  Looking at my dark green drink they asked what it was and were a little confused as to why I would want to drink that.  But with an ‘each to his own’ attitude they were ok with it anyway …they said 2 weeks…  4 days later I was good to go home.

The docs and nurses said they had never seen anybody heal so fast. I wonder why!  It was down to drinking raw green veg that my body had healed itself from the inside out! I went home with the staples still in and had to change my dressing and pack the wound to my heart daily , but I continued to juice and continued to flood my system with different colours of veg.

Anyway, I was hooked, I then started to learn about nutrition because I knew that the juice had healed me fast.  That year I completed a NCFE level 2 Health and Nutrition Course and the year later a DCA Fitness and Nutrition Diploma.  Then the inspirational man that introJUICED me to it all Mr JASON VALE opened his juice therapy academy for this the natural juice therapist course and the rest is history.

All I want to do now is spread the juicy word and help people to help themselves. Your answer could be at your fingertips and you just don’t know it, The handsome young man in the centre is my son mason who juices everyday and no longer has asthma which he suffered from for years- Scott McArthur